Friday, July 01, 2011

Green and Brown water floweth

The water in Western Samoa is crystal blue with touches of green. The water in the Columbia River is a brownish color that is most definitely not clear. My friend says that in the future big money will be made in (keeping) water clean. BIG money. I believe her. I wonder where the brown water stops and the crystal blue water begins, and how fast the brown water is eating the blue water. We humans are f$%^#$& this earth, slowly. The big fires, floods, tornadoes are only the beginning. I think it will get worse. The area where I live is waiting for a big wave (to smash all the beach houses to bit and pieces and nothingness). I miss the crystal blue.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

random, meet random

left over pics: princess, with big smiles; a police band; samoan sunset; tall trees found in a secret place; and the famous vai O Sina (river named Sina), many legends about this, of which I don't remember any.

are you an umu?

in the pics..a cooking umu and other things: an umu. the above ground, hot rock cooker method used to make hot yummy samoan food things (3 pics); my friend Ina, who likes to eat ice cream and sit next to me; my friend katrina, who is a teacher hails from germany.

some like their things

many things in samoa....
in the pics: (well this isn't from samoa) pages from my alumni magazine (Portland magazine); a good example of a samoan market; a knife, a large knife; a "digger thing" my dad designed the teeth for these things.

food food glorious food

in the pics: food! fishmarket, this is how we do fish in samoa; samoan food wrapped the samoan way; samoan chicken, ready for the eating.

pics to find more samoa

in the pics: places! the blow holes on the island of savaii; top of a mountain (with a view of the power lines; a small church near where i lived; fence and road; a plantation with taro.

not the last post ha ha ha that was not the last are some more pics I found on my flash drive..enjoy..m

in the pics: people! the ladies from my school; the guys too; rosie, another PC volunteer in my group (and her samoan mother); a student named joey, holding a play station portable gaming system..very popular in samoa; and Afa, my friend..